The longer I live life, the more convinced I am that it’s a journey we are meant to travel together. Together with a Creator God, and those he has created to be his image bearers. A Creator who is both powerful and liberating, creative and generous, wise and pure, strong and just, relational and forgiving, […]


The purpose of toubee is to ignite hope in those who are not content to settle and desire to grow, connect and contribute as engaged members of a global community; inspiring the ordinary toward the extraordinary. As I share my ongoing story, and my journey in carving out the life I want for my kids, […]


So I’m back to the relationships thing again. I’m just finishing a year and a half serving with Faith Family Hospitality, a local organization that supports families experiencing homelessness by finding them short term housing. There is part of me that struggles with why an organization like this even needs to exist. My experience living […]


Apart from death, change is pretty much the only constant that we can be sure of in this world. Interestingly many people are as resistant to it as they are to the cessation of life. Admittedly there are many kinds of change and we undergo a whole range of them without even noticing. Often these […]


You’ve stepped off the beaten path, lived outside the box and know that there’s more to life than just surviving. You want to thrive. Its not just about you. You’ve had your fill of the ‘pursuit of happiness’ and everyone for themselves. You’re looking for something to contribute to. You want purpose. You’re looking for […]


During the process of applying for jobs I’ve thought a lot about identity. Many of us are unclear about what we really want from life and I think this comes down, in a large part, to the fact that most people do not know themselves. Particularly in western cultures we define ourselves by what we […]


I’ve always been a little socially fickle. In my teens I was loath to commit to any given activity for fear that something ‘better’ might come up that I’d then miss out on. I’ve got better but I still find I have a tendency to flit from one thing to the other, trying to find […]


Over the years I’ve seen many faith communities engaged on a variety of different levels in community outreach and service. Despite this many of them are unaware of the extent of need or the challenges faced by those in their community needing access to  services, or of what is already being done to meet those […]


Apparently you can be integrous. I’ve often wanted to use the term but it wasn’t till I googled it today that I was even sure it is a word. What does it say about us that this word is very rarely used in the English language to describe someone? I enjoy words and making connections. […]


Many great organizations, and caring individuals, feed, cloth, tend to, and visit those who are in need, but how many of us are willing to invite strangers into our homes. What is it about this that makes it so much harder? Inviting people into our homes takes things to a whole other level. When they are on […]