The purpose of toubee is to ignite hope in those who are not content to settle and desire to grow, connect and contribute as engaged members of a global community; inspiring the ordinary toward the extraordinary.

As I share my ongoing story, and my journey in carving out the life I want for my kids, grandkids and those we will encounter and impact along the way, I am committed to empowering others in their own pursuit of a better story.

I’m a UK citizen currently living and working in Fort Collins, Colorado, in the United States. Having lived and worked around the world: as an au pair in Boston, a student in Holland and New Zealand, a long term volunteer in Vanuatu, and now running my own business here I have experienced many of the joys and challenges of building thriving community.

In 2006 my wife Anna joined me on my journey, and in 2009 and 2011 respectively Simon and Eva crashed the party in quite spectacular ways. Since then I’ve been thinking about and exploring much more the importance of being rooted whilst still wanting them to benefit from a greater worldview.

In my quest to combine the strengths and experience I’ve developed over the last 40 years and my desire to see others grow and realizing their potential, with the flexibility of working for myself and being location independent, I spent 2012 establishing myself as a life coach whilst learning to make great coffee (though I still don’t drink the stuff) at the Greenbean coffeehouse, South Dakota.

Challenged within the same week by Chris Gillibeau to make my voice heard among the noise, and by Brené Brown to engage more fully in ‘Daring Greatly’ I launched myself in to the blog world on April 1st 2013. It has been a somewhat slow and haltering journey but in exposing that I trust the things I share will not only inspire hope in others, but engage them as the seek themselves to find a way to live better stories.

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