The longer I live life, the more convinced I am that it’s a journey we are meant to travel together. Together with a Creator God, and those he has created to be his image bearers.

A Creator who is both powerful and liberating, creative and generous, wise and pure, strong and just, relational and forgiving, and faithful to the community he is building. Image bearers who are hard-wired us to be like him, reflecting him, yet living fully and uniquely as individuals.

Individuals, however, who cannot live independently. Though we try, we’ve end up in a world of domination and control, destruction and greed, elitism and genocide, injustice and rebellion, brokenness and rejection, with individuals who are lonely and without hope.

Imagine what a community could be if its members lived in closer relationship to their Creator, calling and spurring one another to live more fully as who they were meant to be.

What if we intentionally gave our potential leaders, many of whom are just starting out on this path, the space and opportunity to take up this challenge, and live among us as they cultivate this deeper relationship to their Creator?

What if we challenged them not only to read, think, and talk about him, but live him and breath him, letting him live in and through them, speaking words of comfort and hope, reaching out and administering mercy and healing. Out there, immersed in our community.

Jesus, who said he was the first among many who would live as God to this world, said that if you really want to follow him in leading others into this, first you have to serve.

Imagine if we championed our young people, those who want to invest themselves in our community, and connected them to opportunities to spend themselves in a year of service. A year committed to collaborating with those serving the poor, the lonely and the marginalized.

Young people living closely together, sharing their growth, but not isolated or set apart. As integral members of our neighborhoods, apprenticed to and guided by others who are a little further along, as they make a significant contribution to building a thriving community.

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