Over the years I’ve seen many faith communities engaged on a variety of different levels in community outreach and service. Despite this many of them are unaware of the extent of need or the challenges faced by those in their community needing access to  services, or of what is already being done to meet those needs.

For me, an important part of working with the faith community is to help individuals and congregations see the bigger picture and look beyond the walls of their silos to the greater needs of those they live and work alongside.

Over the course of the year that I’ve been serving with Faith Family Hospitality, I have begun to build and foster important relationships with our member congregations, and actively seek ways in which we can increase our partnership with other agencies.

I have spent time meeting with Pastors, Executive Directors and agency staff, sat on committees, represented us at inter-agency meetings and built relationships with volunteers. My position with AmeriCorps has given me a flexibility to focus on establishing and cementing connections across the city, which few other agency roles afford.

While no one meeting or connection appears particularly significant, the collective impact being able to of listen, learn and contribute at these kind of meetings helps move us a little closer to understanding each other and being more inclined to think beyond the pursuit of our own individual success.

The more that we can look outside our silos not only to what others are doing, but also to how we can better work together in a way that builds a thriving collaborative community, the greater our individual and collective success will be.

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