I Am


The journey of growth and discovery is ongoing. Having traveled and lived in many parts of the world I have had the privilege to share in the lives of many fellow travellers.

Those who have a sense of who they are and what they want to be have inspired me with their passions, active engagement, and desire to contribute something of value.

Challenged by this, I endeavour to take every new encounter, and every conversation, as an opportunity to affirm value, stir up hope and encourage active and positive change.

As I continue on my own journey I also desire to see others released into their full potential, and effecting change in their own spheres of influence.

The best way I can do this is through my own commitment to be. better.

I am a father: committed to raising a healthy family, responsible for their actions yet free to be different, vulnerable, candid and mistaken.

I am a philosopher: committed to journeying with others, in listening, questioning, challenging and teaching, toward greater wisdom and maturity

I am a coach: committed to enabling individuals to live fruitful lives, confident in their strengths, exercising their gifts, adding value and celebrating creativity.

I am a builder: committed to community, built on a foundation of secure love, significant purpose and strong hope, where everyone is contributing and thriving.

I am a child: committed to reflecting the heart of my creator and father, the great I AM.

¬†“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ¬†Mahatma Gandhi

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