I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the purpose of this blog but in many ways I’m still trying to define it. A large piece of it comes down to the idea of adding valuing, of creating something new and increasing the collective wealth of what is out there. Value is interesting, in so much as […]


At 19 I escaped the dreary confines of a stifling and regimented England (as I saw it) and exchanged them, like so many before me, for the open expanse and diversity of opportunity that is America. Embarking on this new adventure,as an Au pair and global dweller, I felt like I was finally realizing the […]


Looking back over the last year I’m aware that I’ve struggled quite a bit with the idea of being rooted. Ever since I can remember, my family has been fairly transient, and I’ve embraced and made that lifestyle my own. Aside from one friend from my last year of primary / elementary school I have […]


I realize that I’m still very much finding my voice. Practicing expressing my thoughts in a candid and vulnerable way that still creates hope and anticipation. Part of this is because I’m also trying to understand my audience. On one level I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of them, of ‘you’, because […]


In the last couple of months, in my new role with Faith Family Hospitality, I’ve connected with a number of organizations who work with families and young people who are struggling and need some help to move forward and make positive changes in their lives. It seems that many of the challenges people face can […]


Last month I was in Portland for the World Domination Summit. I was one of a small army of almost 3,000 people who had gathered from around the world for the weekend, drawn together by the common themes of Community, Adventure and Service. For a while now I’ve been following a number of blogs devoted to […]


We just moved about 6 months back and I’ve been looking to get my business established but I’ve been struggling with the fact that in this town I have no history, no relationships and no credibility. This week it hit pretty hard that the journey I’m on is going to be a slow one if […]


The biggest obstacle for me in writing a blog is that I want to contribute something of value. I want to leave people who read it with something, that in some small way, enriches their lives, causes a shift in thinking or moves them to action. The problem is, I can’t guarantee that I’ll be […]


In the last couple of weeks I’ve made new contacts with two of the neighbors on our street. One connection was with two teenagers who live a couple of doors down. I was taking my daughter for a walk in a wagon and they had just arrived home from school.  The young guy introduced himself […]


Make Sh*t Happen, a 10 week course designed to help ‘Take your big dream from nice idea to inevitable success,’ wrapped up this week and already I’ve decided to start with a new goal (I’m still working on the other two). I’ve been kicking this around for a long time and have been afraid to […]