You’ve stepped off the beaten path, lived outside the box and know that there’s more to life than just surviving. You want to thrive.

Its not just about you. You’ve had your fill of the ‘pursuit of happiness’ and everyone for themselves. You’re looking for something to contribute to. You want purpose.

You’re looking for fellow travelers. Seeking out a tribe, those who will stand with you, encourage you and empower you along the way. You want fellowship.

There’s a lot of people out there promising the world, but for many of us the formulas don’t fit. We’re too unique, too creative, too committed to our values to buy into what they’re selling. Yet we struggle to find our fit, fumbling along, grasping for answers that seem just out of reach and wondering if we’re the only ones.

Trust me. We’re not. When we let our guard down, allow ourselves to be vulnerable, admit to the questioning and the doubts, we discover that we’re one of many among equals on this journey called life.

Since moving to the US a couple of years ago we’ve been wrestling with finding the balance between living our values (bring something to the table) and valuing our lives (putting food on the table). With three small children and very little in reserve to fall back on we’ve been fortunate to have the support of family to allow us a grace period as we’ve explored various options.

In 2012 we spent eight months working with friends in another state. This provided us with a great opportunity to reconnect with them and see how they have managed to find a great balance between creating a life for themselves that allows them to live from their values but also and provides for their families needs.

Hearing their story, and seeing what it looks like for them a good five years ‘ahead’ of us, was both encouraging and sobering. Realizing that whilst we shoot for the ideal we may have to settle temporarily for less, helps us keep going whilst holding out hope for the future.

In all this the key has been to keep our focus on the ultimate destination and intentionally seek small ways to engage in the direction of where we are headed, so that we are continually building a foundation, even if there is very little to look at right now. We’re also keenly aware of the need to connect with our ‘tribe’, others of like mind who we can do life with together.

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